Release Time:APR. 1 2023 ; Update Time:APR. 5 2023

Binance Chain integrates with Polygon Chain and Wallet: Tutorial on adding new tokens

What is the concept of blockchain forks?

The blockchain forking mechanism refers to how changes or divergences in the original blockchain are handled and resolved in a blockchain network.

In a blockchain, each new block contains the data of the previous block and is digitally signed to ensure data integrity and security. When the nodes in the blockchain reach a consensus and add new blocks, these new blocks are integrated into the blockchain and form the new longest valid chain.

Watch the tutorial video for more information.

1. Open the Metamesk app and click on the option to change to the Polygon Chain.

2. Click on the "Add a network" button.

3. Select the "Polygon Mainnet" option.

4. Click on the "Approve" button to complete the selection.


5. Click on the "Switch to network" button to switch to the Polygon Chain.

6. Click on the "Add Token" button.

7. In the search bar, search for "USDT".

8. Select "USDT" and click on the "Add Token" button.

9. Congratulations, you have successfully added the token.

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