Our Vision

With a combined wealth of passion and expertise in blockchain, we're on a mission to reinvent how people interact with blockchain technology by lowering the technical threshold from the bottom-up while also endeavoring to solve the security and cost problems inherent in traditional architecture.

Our team

Andrew CEO

CEO of Statecraft Technology Co. Ltd. Convener of Technology R&D Working Group for Blockchain Application and Development Institute, Active participation in Blockchain.Industry Self Regulatory Alliance and Taiwan Blockchain Alliance. Abundant experience in leading blockchain outsourcing projects. Competence in business model and smart contract procedures.


Previously as Technical Director in Game Flier International Corp, Soft-World International Corporation and General Manager in Jorsen Technology Co.,Ltd. Inventor of blockchain-based server transmission patent and anti-theft communication mechanism for accout system / Experience in leading the reformation of server resource to accommodate 10x players and million data processing capacity per minute for online game Ragnarok Online.

Executive Team

Ryan PM
Heidi HR
Jane UI/UX Designer
Grace Markting
Veronica Multimedia
Yi R&D Supervisor
Lawrence Senior Engineer
Eric Java Engineer
Jerry FrontEnd Engineer
Vicky FrontEnd Engineer
Justin iOS Engineer
Anna Soft Engineer
Rosie Soft Engineer
Iris Soft Engineer
Ponpom Soft Engineer
Ken System Engineer

Consultant Team


Has been working in financial industry for almost 10 years.Been with CitiGroup, Diawa capital markets, HSBC, and now is at an US Bulge bracket investment banks.Provide industry knowledge to the team from traditional finance to crypto and advising on funding scheme and business development strategy.


Gods Flame ltd、DEFI Researcher、Tokenomics Researcher、Cryptocurrency Trader.

MOU Signatory Company

CoinW Exchange

CoinW Exchange


OPay Electronic Payment CO.,Ltd.

MacroWell OMG

MacroWell OMG Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.


Green World FinTech Service Co., Ltd


LEV DATA Technology Company LTD

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