Spiderweb is blockchain-based underlying hardware architecture, built upon proprietary security technolgoy and distributed decentralized P2P nodes, aptly named “Decentralized Internet Data Center (D.I.D.C.)”, allowing businesses to transfer/convert their content into decentralized applications (Dapps) and enjoy the optimal security and storage solution cost-effectively

Lower Latency

Adopting file fragmentation technology, files can be retrieved efficiently to increase file acquisition upon surge of traffic.

A New Faster Green Network

Target the problem of network congestion, Spiderweb provides a faster, more energy-efficient network with low transaction fees.

State-of-the-art Security

Spiderweb weaves a safe net with proprietary encryption and file compression technology - “Decentralized Internet Data Center (D.I.D.C.)

Scalable Ecosystem

Upcoming dApps launched on Spiderweb including content delivery network, decentralized hosting and live stream platform and more. Join Spiderweb ecosystem and earn more!


With years of experience in the Internet industry, Spiderweb team is dedicated to building the decentralized server infrastructure from the ground-up in Web3 world. The future of the Internet is decentralized. Shout out to all the entrepreneurs and builders working together to make decentralization a reality.

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