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Spiderweb is a patented blockchain-based decentralized underlying server infrastructure built with Spiderweb Distribution Node, providing decentralized cloud server services (Decentralized Internet Data Center, DIDC) for better cyber security and lower traffic pricing and lower threshold to Web3.


Latest News

Multiple Decentralized Services

Join us to build Spiderweb for Web3 from the ground up! Stay tuned for the upcoming decentralized services including Content Delivery Network, virtual machine rentals and multimedia platform application.

Resource Sharing Rig

Spiderweb Distribution Node (SDN)

Spiderweb Distribution Node is a customized model made from ASUS PB62 mini PC. SDN can be easily used by just connecting home network for uploading network traffic (100Mbps) and contributing hardware resources. Node participants will be rewarded USDT stable crypto in return according to the usage of resources.

Content Delivery Network

Bark Spider CDN

Combined with decentralized architecture and file fragmentation technology, Bark Spider Content Delivery Network not only can help clients speed up content delivery and lower latency at low cost, but open Web3 earnings to the general public.

Decentralized Cloud Service

Maratus Decentralized IDC (DIDC)

Maratus DIDC is a blockchain-based decentralized cloud service platform. With SDN as underlying server infrastructure, Maratus aim to enable traditional enterprises transfer online services into decentralized applications with ease and provide BaaS service to blockchian project developers.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Arachnida Wallet

A friendly wallet built for DeFi, NFT, staking and more interaction on Spiderweb. To encourage more people to join the network with confidence, USDT stable coin will be rewarded to node participants in the initial phase.

MOU Partners


- Content Delivery Network (CDN Dapp) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
- Virtual Private Network
- Arachnida launch

- Light node expansion to car/mobile user

- Expand node covering for accelerating shift to Spiderweb mainchain development

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