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Share Internet and enjoy passive incomes in Web3 world with Spiderweb Content Delivery Network platform built on proprietary blockchain-based decentralized infrastructure.

SDN Deployed
High-Volume Spiderweb Distribution Node

Fragmented files retrieved and merged efficiently to ensure a fast, stable network connection with the help of high-volume distributed SDN nodes.

A Blockchain-based Decentralized IDC Investment Product

Resource Sharing Rig Spiderweb Distribution Node(SDN)

Linked together in peer-to-peer (P2P) networking nodes and as resource of computing, storage and Internet traffic supply for Spiderweb. Earning USDT stablecoins as rewards.

Preorder SDN
Plug-in and Earn

Just plug the power supply and Ethernet cable to earn passive incomes.

Earn USDT stablecoins

To enhance the confidence towards holding SDNs, USDT stablecoins will served as rewards to the early-adopters at initial stage.

Green and Low-powered Node

Not typical GPU mining. Only 100Mbps upload bandwidth required. Monthly Internet and maintainance cost under US$5.

More Nodes, More Secure

The greater the node coverage is, the network will be more secure to prevent malicious attacks.

More Dapps Scenarios

More projects coming up, including virtual machine rentals, hosting and multimedia platform.

For Real Use Content Delivery Network

Blockchain-based content delivery network with data fragmentation technology boosts your file distribution efficiently and lower the traffic burden of main servers.


Lower Pricing

Crowdsourced and community-owned ecosystem to decrease the overall network cost.

Lower Latency

Increase file delivery through fragmentation technology.

Secure Decentralized Nodes

Less likelihood to modify 51% of majority nodes across the network at the same time to achieve hacking.

Miscellaneous Industry Compatibility

Best applied to high-volume live streaming, online entertainment, game industry and etc..

Spiderweb Technology

Proprietary Blockchain Technology

Built upon the patent technology "A Blockchain-based Node Architecture Invention and the Operation Method", issued by Republic of China Intellectual Property Office (Taiwan Patent Number: I661706)

Data Fragmentation Technology

Unlike traditional data distributaion model, files over Spiderweb network will be fragmented and merged when in use. For example, If a 100MB file spread over 100 nodes, each node only needs to provide the resource for transferring 1MB, which will greatly improve the speed of access.

VPN Mechanism

During data transmission, users as well as Spiderweb won't pinpoint the real IP address due to encryption and decryption by SDN, which is similar to traditional VPN channel transmission. Still, traditional VPN transmission must know the destination of data, making Spiderweb a more secure data transmission solution.

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