Become a Node and Weave Together the Future of Web 3.0

A safe, fair decentralized network free from ideology and cencership starts with you and I! We invite you to cast a net for your share of infrastructures for Web 3.0 and earn a new cryptocurrency, ARAC.

Eco-friendly Consensus Mechanism

Proof of Used (PoU) algorithms as the consensus mechanism to incentivize Spiderweb ecosystem. More contribution, more rewards.

A New Faster Green Network

Target the problem of network congestion, Spiderweb provides a faster, more energy-efficient network with low transaction fees.

State-of-the-art Security

Spiderweb weaves a safe net with proprietary encryption and file compression technology - "Decentralized Internet Data Center (D.I.D.C.)

Scalable Ecosystem

Upcoming dApps launched on Spiderweb including DeFi project, NFT Marketplace, Decentralized Cloud Storage and more. Join Spiderweb ecosystem and earn more!

CryptoSpider NFT

Fractionalized into 1,000 Cryptospider NFT.
Owners will represent a node on Spiderweb. Join us and own your cut of Spiderweb. What privilege does owning a Cryptospider NFT have? Every ower gain below offering:
Physical Mining Machine:
  • - Official-licensed mining rig: enjoy token rewards under PoU consensus mechanism
Digital Entitlement:
  • - MARATUS NFT Marketplace Sales Rebate
  • - Top Level Domain Auction Bidding Privilege
  • - Special Locked Staking Package
Coming soon

About Spiderweb

Spiderweb is blockchain-based underlying hardware architecture, built upon proprietary security technolgoy and distributed decentralized P2P nodes, aptly named "Decentralized Internet Data Center (D.I.D.C.)", allowing businesses to transfer/convert their content into decentralized applications (Dapps) and enjoy the optimal security and storage solution cost-effectively

Become a Genius Weaver

Be a net-casting "node" on Spiderweb for catching your prey. Anyone can join our weaving venture by becoming a Spiderweb node. Just purchase and contribute the node resource for block varification and earn yourself ARAC tokens.

3 Types of Nodes


Spiderweb Official Node

Orchestrate the entire network and as a master hub for nodes on Spiderweb


Spiderweb Distribution Node

Manage data downloading, broadcasting, and storage resource


Spiderweb Verification Node

Maintain Spiderweb ledger and block package

Spiderweb Mining Hardware

Mining has never been easier.

Intel® i7 processing chip. Built-in Spiderweb token ARAC10. Low-power design

  • Standard System:Intel NUC 10代 BXNUC10I7FNHN(i7-10710U/ No cord)
  • os:Windows 11, 64-bit*, Windows 10, 64-bit*
  • Memory:KVR32S22S8/ 16GB
  • SSD:SFYRD/2000G (2TB)
  • transformerSpec:110V 60Hz transformer
  • IO/Port:
  • M.2 slot X1/SATA3 slot X2
  • Intel Wi-Fi6 AX201+Bluetooth V5 (internal antenna)
  • 4K Display support
  • 12-19V DC Power input
  • HDMI 2.0a
  • USB-C(DP1.2)
  • USB3.1x2
  • Intel1219-V Ethernet

Plug and Mine

Spiderweb's fixed maximum supply is 3 billion $ARAC with reduction by a rate of 10% every six months during the mining period of 50 years. The Genesis Block contains 1141.55 $ARAC. 100 SDN nodes validate one block and share a ratio of rewards altogether.


More exciting projects coming up in mid-2022! Stay tuned for DeFi project, NFT Marketplace, Decentralized Cloud Storage application and more.

Arachnida Token (ARAC)

Spiderweb's native token is Arachnida, ARAC, the circular tokens on Spiderweb for smart contract transaction, gas fee, mining rewards.


An automated liquidity provider platform designed to make it easy to exchange ARAC and gives users incentives for earning interests and rewards.


Maratus NFT marketplace provides you with secure and user-friendly experience to create, showcase, sell, purchase and collect your valuable digital assets.

Arachnida Wallet

A friendly wallet built for DeFi, NFT, staking and more interaction on Spiderweb.


Built with patented security and data fragmentation technology, allowing businesses to transfer into decentralized applications (dApps) with ease.


  1. Spiderweb

    Infrastructure Development

  2. Cryptospider

    NFT Public Sale

  3. Mainchain

    Consensus Mechanism Online

  4. Spiderweb

    Wallet SDK

  5. Spiderweb

    DeFi Swap

  6. Spiderweb

    NFT Marketplace

  7. Spiderweb DIDC

    Decentralized Internet Data Center

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